Handheld Air Particle Counter Y09-3016 Portable air dust Particle Counter

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        Y09-3016 Laser Particle Counter adopts the principle of light scattering, when the suspended particles in the air after a photosensitive area, scattering and its particle size with a certain proportion of luminous flux, get treated by photoelectric conversion, amplification and be harvested equivalent diameter and number of particles.



  • Light source:Laser diode,  life is more than 30000 hours.
  • Sampling flow:2.83L/min(0.1ft3)Imported Pump.
  • Display:  LCD Real-time display
  • Rechargeable Battery: Lithium ion battery, 6 V, 2500mAh.
  • Power supply: external AC power adapter, AC: 100V -240V, 50/60 Hz to DC:7.0V, 1800mAh.
  • Working time: 6 hours(Provide a fuel gauge of remaining battery capacity)
  • Count mode: The cumulative values, the difference and density.
  • Test mode: Single, repetitive, continuous, computing, remote.
  • Unit conversion: The unit can be converted to M3.
  • Particle channel: 0.3、5、1.0、3.0、5.0、10μm,size gear particle count at the same time.
  • Sampling period: 1-10000(s) time-delay: 0-99(s) Self-cleaning time: ≤10(min) .
  • Work environment: Temperature:10-40℃(50-104℉)Relative humidity: 20-90%RH, no dew, Atmospheric pressure: 86-106Kpa
  • Overall size: 230* 130* 45( mm)
  • Weight:1KG


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Package includes 1*Laser Particle Counter, 1*Li-ion Charger, 1*Bluetooth Printer, 1* Printer Charger, 1*self-cleaing sampling mouth,2* Printer Paper
It is ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of your hand.The counter is very rugged and offers true portability while retaining the features and sensitivity of larger particle counters.
Sampling Mouth: Filters are connected to the sampling mouth, press “SAMPLE” into the measuring interface, press “START” to instrument self-purification reset.
LCD Touch Screen Display: According to the sampling procedure.
Interface: The user can according to demand reset operation, interface mode, exit, printing, sampling, confirmed.

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