PCE Instruments Particle Counter PCE-PCO 1 to measure concentration of particles in the air/with memory/six sizes of…


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The particle counter PCE-PCO 1 is a universal measuring instrument for measuring the concentration of particles in the air. The particle counter can measure six different particle sizes. In addition to that the particle counter has sensors to measure temperature and relative humidity, so the particle counter becomes an all-rounder. The built-in camera allows connection of the measurement data with image / video material. The particle counter was developed to precisely determine the level of pollution. The pollution is caused by combustion, manufacturing, energy generation, vehicle exhaust emissions and the construction industry. By using the particle counter the exact amount of dirt particles in the air can be measured. A high degree of pollution of the atmosphere is found mainly in urban areas and in work areas. Of increasing importance is the degree of contamination of the air with disease-causing particles, such as soot or particles being submitted into the air by industry and especially by diesel vehicles without special filters. Such dispersion is responsible among other things for reduced visibility, the spread of contamination, inhalation of toxic substances and thus reduced labour productivity.

– Measures six sizes of particles
– Large colour screen
– Camera for photo and video recording
– Large LCD display with backlight
– Sensor for relative humidity and temperature
– Internal memory: 80 MB

General Technical specifications for the Particle Counter PCE-PCO 1
Environmental Conditions: 0 … 50 °C, 10 … 90 % RH (non-condensing)
Display: 2.8 ” / 320 x 240 pixels, back-lit, colour
Battery: rechargeable, operating time ~ 4 hours
Dimension: 240 x 75 x 55 mm
Weight: 420 g
Memory: internal: 80 MB
external: micro SD card up to 8 GB (optional)

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