TEN-HIGH Linear Rail CNC Parts 2pcs Linear Rail HSR15 200mm Approx. 7.87inch Linear Guideway Rail+4pcs HSR15CR Square…


Size:200mm  |  Style:HSR15

Shaft diameter: 15mm
This item include:
2pcs HSR15-L200mm Linear Guide Slide Rail Way, 15mm width, 200mm length
4pcs HSR15CR Squre type Bearing Block
Please Note:

Enhance your CNC machinery’s performance with the precision-crafted TEN-HIGH Linear Rail CNC parts. This comprehensive kit includes two HSR15 200mm (approximately 7.87 inches) linear guideway rails along with four HSR15CR square type carriages, specifically designed to facilitate high-precision and smooth movement in demanding mechanical environments.

Each linear guideway rail is constructed to provide a rigid, highly stable base, capable of maintaining precise linear motion, making it integral for applications that demand exact movement with minimal deviations. This structural integrity helps in significantly reducing vibrations and inaccuracies during operations, ensuring more consistent outputs in detailed machining tasks.

Paired with these rails are the HSR15CR carriages, featuring a square type design optimized for balanced load distribution and reduced friction. This synergy allows for smoother transitions, greater resistance to wear and tear, and extended longevity, even in continuous production scenarios.

The combination of these elements makes this set ideal for various applications within digital manufacturing, automation, and any system requiring meticulous linear guidance. Whether it’s for intricate artistry, detailed assembly, or cutting-edge fabrication, these components enhance accuracy, ensuring each motion is executed with the exactness your project necessitates.

Moreover, the TEN-HIGH set is an investment in durability, designed to withstand the rigors of intensive operational schedules. It’s an indispensable asset for those who need reliable, precise movement in their machinery, ensuring optimal performance and quality results, project after project.

Steel 45# Material and Hardened Case
Pre-drilled holes on the Support Rail Mounts
Designed and Produced by Joomen LLC
High Accuracy and Strong Durability
Accept Customized Length and Assembly


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