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If you’re looking for an interesting way to add a touch of creativity and relaxation to a room, consider buying a moon lamp. You probably already thought about this idea, but you know that it’s not easy to chose the best lamp that fits your need. This guide will help you review, select and find the best moon lamp for you.

As you know, a moon lamp is a lamp that, most of the time, looks like the moon, but can also be a galaxy, a planet, or any other object like a Star Wars planet. It can be attached to a holder or can levitate with a magnetic system. A moon lamp functions like a night-light, but can also create an incredible atmosphere in the home or office. Moon lamps are loved by adults, teen, and kids.

What makes moon lamp better than a normal light? The first and most impressive is that it looks like the moon! It’s very relaxing to watch the Moon change every few seconds. The moon lamp gives a soft ambient lighting, which is perfect for reading, or relaxation. It also provides a mild sense of security, especially for children, because of it’s peculiar moon shape.

This guide will help you understand the most important features to consider when buying a moon lamp and the factors you must keep in mind such as size, printing, support, light style, control, battery, and more.


The size of the lamp is really dependent on what is your need and where do you want to place it. In your office, it can be small, in a large bedroom, the lamp needs to be larger. When looking for a lamp, first check the size because some are as small as 3 inches and others can be larger than 12 inches. The bigger ones are ideal for lighting up a darkened room without giving you eye strain. This is perfect for kids to light up their rooms on the go. They’re also great for creating a relaxing environment with warm lighting. Smaller models are great on your desk or nightstand for displaying in your home or office. Pro Tip: The best moon lamp to buy is the size that fits with the theme of the room and complements other décor.

The following graph gives an average price versus moon diameter, except the levitating moons that are more expensive dur to their magnetism technology. It’s important to note that there is a consistency over all the brands.

Moon lamp price
Moon lamp average price (in US Dollars) vs diameter (in inches)

Color, light and brightness

Read carefully the lamp description before buying one. Some have only one color while other have many colors. You can select the color with a remote or by touching a button on the lamp, but other ones change their color by themselves and you cannot control it. Brightness is also an important criteria because a too bright lamp can be a non pleasant experience for your eyes. With the best lamps, you should be able to customize your lighting and select the fades, flashes, dimming, and strobes.

Texture and 3D printing

The best lamps are 3D printed, providing a better longevity because the materials used for printing are more resistant than glass, or some plastics. 3D printing gives also a better texture of the surface due to a strong PLA technology and has great Hi-Res details as real NASA images of the moon are used in the process.

Picture of the real moon


When looking for a moon lamp, make sure that it can be recharged and that the battery is built-in so you don’t have to replace it. Perfect models have a long battery life so the lamp can light all the night without risk of loosing power. Some moon lamps have their charging port above the light affecting its aesthetic. Always look where the port is located and ideally it should be discrete and underneath.


Fixed moon lamps have attached to their support, also called base or base support. The base material can be wood, ceramic, or plastic. Levitating lamp have a base support, but the moon itself is floating and rotating above the support. Thanks to the electromagnetic force created by the base, the levitating moon lamp can float without needing anything to hold it.

This list combines our top picks for the best moon lamps based on the mentioned criteria. This is our top 5 selection of moon lamps:

#1 LOGROTATE Moon Lamp
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The LOGROTATE Moon Lamp is available in different sizes from 4.8″ to 9.6″. LOGROTATE has an on-going sale offering 16 vivid colors for their moon lamps. In addition to the wide variety of colors, this lamp has strobe, fade, and flash options. You can control the lamp by touch or with the remote.


The only CON of this lamp is the aesthetic of its base. Even if made of wood, a nicer base would give a better appearance.

Brightworld moon lamp
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The BRIGHTWORLD Moon Lamp has a unique style with a ceramic hand base. You can choose the base between two colors: white or black. This moon lamp comes in 3 different sizes (3.5″, 4.7″ and 7.1″).


Only two moon colors can be selected: white and yellow, but they give a natural look to the moon. Note also that this lamp does not have a remote, so you can control the color and the dim by touch only.

#3 Mind-Glowing Galaxy Moon Lamp
Mind-Glowing galaxy moon lamp
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This lamp has an incredible galaxy look and beautiful 16 colors, all selectable with the touch or remote control. You can choose three sizes between 4.7″, 5.9″, and 7.1″. As most of available moon lamps, the base is made of wood.


The base shape could be improved to give a better look to this nice lamp.

#4 VGAzer Moon Lamp
VGAzer moon lamp
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The VGAzer magnetic lamp is impressive thanks to its floating capability. The moon spins permanently and silently giving a feeling of space travel. With its three color modes (warm yellow, white, gradient changing from white to yellow), the look of the moon surface is incredible of precision. The square base gives a nice artistic impression in contrast to the circular shape of the moon.


Available in 6″ size, the price is higher than non-floating lamps, but the magnetism technology and its floating capability are unbeatable. Some users report difficulty to make it float, but look at this video and you will see that’s not so difficult.

#5 DTOETKD Moon Lamp
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The DTOETKD Moon Lamp is available in 5 different sizes from 4.7″ to 9.6″ giving a large choice. This lamp is offering 16 vivid colors in addition to its touch or remote control capability. The DTOETKD Moon Lamp has all the capability of best lamps and a timer to turn it off after 15 to 60 minutes.


Same as most of the other lamps, the wooden base could have a better modern look.

If you are looking for more options, check our Moon Lamp section to explore other quality products. If you like space, NASA, and to build things, then discover the NASA LEGO sets.

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