2″ Manual Total Station 9,842 Feet / 3000 Meter Measuring Distance

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The new 150 series total station features high-end specifications at an affordable price. The photoelectronic EDM allows you to measure distances up to 9,842 feet with a prism. Features: Dual LCD keyboard 24 Alphanumeric keys Angle Accuracy: 5″ or 2″ Display digital, four lines LCD Measurment distance (single prism) 9,842 feet Measurment distance (three prism) 16,404 feet Image Erect 30x Magnification Ports RS-232C, USB 3000mAh Ni-H battery Telescope Image: Erect Magnification: 30x Effective aperture: 48mm Resolving power: 3.75″ Minimum focus: 1m Stadia ratio: 100 Sight distance precision: ≤0.4%D Tube length: 165mm Angle Measurement Measuring method: photoelectric detection by incremental encoder Diameter?of circle (vertical, horizontal): 79mm Minimum reading: 1″、5″、10″Selectable Measuring unit: 360°/400gon/6400mil Selectable Vertical angle0°: Zenith0°/Horizontal0°Selectable Accuracy: 2″ Distance Measurement Single prism(under fair weather condition): 3km Three prism(under fair weather condition): 5km Display: Max 999999.999m Min 1mm Unit: m/ft Selectable Accuracy: ±(3mm+2ppm·D) Measuring time Fine single shot:3S Tracking: 0.8S Meteorological Correction: Manual input, Auto correction Reflection prism correction: Manual input, Auto correction Vial Plate vial: 20″/2mm Circular vial: 8′/2mm Vertical Compensator System: Liquid-electric detection Compensation range: ±3′ Resolving power: 1″ Optical Plummet Image: Erect Magnification: 3× Focusing range: 0.3m~∞ Field of view: 5° Display Type: LCD,Four lines,digital Data Communication Port: RS-232C,USB On-board Battery Power resource: Rechargeable Ni-H battery Voltage: DC7.2V Continuous operation time: BDC 3000mAh Angle measurement: 20 hours Distance measurement: 8 hours Operation Environment Operating temperature: -20°~+45℃ Size

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Accuracy: 2″
24 Alphanumeric keys
Dual LCD keyboard
Measurement distance (single prism) 9,842 feet
Measurement distance (three prism) 16,404 feet

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