300mm dia Profile Projector Measurement


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Having 300mm dia 360 degree rotatable graduated screen with 1 minute of vernier and 90 degree cross hair line for angle measurement, With X-Y bed of size 300x200mm having travel movement on ball bearing slides, traveling 150 X 50mm with DRO (Digital Read Out System) least count of 0.005mm for X-Y measurement Projection Light source with 24V/150W Halogen Lamp and for surface illumination, two adjustable reflector lamps 12V/100W each. Supplied complete with operating instruction Manual. Standard Features: ·Travel X-Y movement (Standard) :150x50mm ·Maximum size of object view : 28mm (dia) ·Maximum Height of Object view : 55mm (Under 10x magnification) ·Maximum Height of Object view : 75mm (Under 20x,50x &100x) ·Digital Read Out System : LC 0.005mm OR 0.001mm ·X-Y Bed Size :300mm X 200mm ·Standard Magnification :20x Illumination Transmitted light with One 12V 100W Tungsten Halogen Lamp.The illumination can be increased or decreased Focusing By Rack & Penion movement of Stage Operating voltage 220V A/C, 50HZ.Net weight 30 Kgs (220 Volts)

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