Agena 1.25″ Starguider Dual ED Eyepiece – 15mm Price: $80.50 (as of 09/15/2023 20:57 PST- Details)



Agena’s StarGuider Dual ED eyepieces are long eye relief eyepieces with a comfortably wide field for planetary observing that also give the sharpness, high contrast, and lack of lateral color and light scatter of the finest orthoscopic and Plossl designs. These can be used in any astronomical telescope that can accept standard 1.25″ eyepieces.

Unlike many more expensive eyepieces for planetary observing, the Starguider Dual ED 15mm eyepiece maintains an excellent eye relief of 20mm. With sixlens elements in this unique design, this eyepiece is fully internally baffled and all internal spacers have antireflection microbaffles on their edges with flat black anodizing to reduce reflections when viewing the Moon and bright planets. Every air to glass surface is broadband multi-coated for peak light transmission and outstanding contrast on subtle lunar and planetary detail. Spherical aberration of the exit pupil is well controlled, so there are no serious blackouts or kidney-bean effects if you move your eye slightly off the axis.

The eyepiece has a twist-up eyecup that can be raised or lowered to provide the eye relief you find most comfortable. This eyepiece is parfocal with other focal lengths in this series, minimizing the amount of refocusing needed when switching from eyepiece to eyepiece. It is threaded to accept standard 1.25″ astronomy filters and weighs approx. 6oz. Note that the color of the trim on the eyepiece may change at any time and may not exactly match the color depicted above.

The Agena StarGuider Dual ED eyepieces feature high contrast, 2 element ED glass
Wide 60 degree Field of View (FOV) in 5mm to 25mm focal lengths
Exceptional at nearly eliminating lateral color aberration and light scatter while retaining excellent sharpness, contrast and definition
Perform as well as other, more expensive Orthoscopic and Plossl eyepieces

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