Disposable Shoe & High Quality Boot Covers (100 Pack, Pink, GSM 40g) | Protectors, Booties, Non-Slip, Indoors, Resistant, Durable…


Disposable Boot Covers

Size:50  |  Color:Blue

About UpRegen Shoe Cover:

If you are searching for high-quality yet affordable disposable shoe covers, UpRegen has just what you need. These products can be used for an amazing array of applications, from preventing dirt accumulation from repairman and open houses to more demanding jobs in cleanrooms, medical facilitates, pharmaceutical environments, food processing and industrial spaces.

Perfect for when you need to protect your clothing and spaces to keep everything completely sanitary, disposable shoe and boot covers offer the ideal fast and convenient solution to deliver the hygiene that you require in your work environment.

Take your disposable boots with you on the road so you can slip them on when needed during indoor contracting jobs to make sure you leave everything clean from an unnecessary mess. Keep out unwanted water, chemicals, debris and pesticide spray and splashes with disposable shoe covers and boots.

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Find 5 benefits of using disposable boot covers!

Boot Covers Specifications:

  • Material: Polypropylene nonwoven fabric GSM (40g), PVC-free
  • Size: 16.6″ x 6.8″
  • Color: Blue
  • Quantity: 50 pack – 25 pairs per bag

Package included:

  • 1×50 pack Shoe Covers


Our disposable shoe covers have been manufactured with the highest quality materials on the market, manufactured with polypropylene nonwoven fabric, with a higher GSM (40g). Which means, that it is a much thicker and resistant material, guaranteeing the durability of the shoe cover, UpRegen Shoe Covers are durable and they will not rip or tear every 15 minutes of wear. Depending on the use it is possible that it can be reused multiple times, saving money


This product has been designed for your protection and the environment. It will help to protect you against dust, spills, splashes, germs and any other kind of common contamination. It will help to maintain the hygiene in your work environment, house or car, helping to avoid scratches on wooden floors and any type of floors, dirty on carpets, avoiding the transfer of dirty from your shoes to the environment.


A new and innovative latex anti-skid treads on the bottom provide added safety on these shoe covers provides one of the best non-slip applications on the market. It is excellent system that improves traction and prevents falls. The design is provided with two elastic lines that improving the fit of the cover on the sole and on the upper part around the shoe, allowing the product to fit conveniently to any shoe size (fits all up to US Men’s size 12)


To be used by and for: construction, remodeling, cleanroom, gardening, guest visit, shoe care, dentists, doctors, gardeners, builders, painters, real-state, open house, daycare, diy, factory workers, museums, cleaning business, medical facilitates, pharmaceutical environments and more!

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