GOSKY Smartphone Adapter Mount Regular Size – Compatible

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Experience the world in a whole new way with the GOSKY Smartphone Adapter Mount Regular Size – Compatible. This versatile product allows you to easily connect your smartphone to your optical instrument, providing an innovative and convenient method for capturing your outdoor adventures, nature observations, and astronomical explorations.

The GOSKY adapter mount simplifies the set-up process, allowing you to quickly attach your phone to your telescope, microscope, binocular, monocular, spotlight or others with an eyepiece diameter of 28mm-47mm. The regular size design ensures compatibility with a wide range of optical instruments.

Constructed from durable materials, this adapter can withstand the rigors of outdoor usage. The main body is made of superior zinc alloy, which is more durable than aluminum, providing a sturdy and reliable connection between your phone and the optical instrument. The gully metal housing enhances the adapter’s durability, ensuring long-lasting performance.

The phone clamp, made of high-strength PA Plastic, guarantees a secure hold on your device. With a super large width ranging from 2.13″ to 3.54″ (54-90 mm), this adapter can fit almost all smartphones on the market, including the latest models like the iPhone 12 Pro Max, 12 Pro, and 12.

Whether you’re an aspiring astronomer, an avid bird watcher, or a nature enthusiast, the GOSKY Smartphone Adapter Mount Regular Size – Compatible is an indispensable tool for your exploration. Capture the wonders of the universe or the beauty of nature right on your smartphone with this handy and durable adapter.


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