Optodir Tech iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera Lens Protector – 9H Tempered Glass Diamond Camera Cover for iPhone 12 Pro Max Price:  $9.99 (as of 09/15/2023 20:57 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.


iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera Lens Protector

Optodir Tech iPhone 12 Pro Max Compatible Camera Lens Protector provides premium protection for the camera lenses of your iPhone 12 Pro Max with 99.9% transparency and 9H hardness.

That means the clarity of your photos will be the same as the ones taken by the original camera lenses and you will have protection from scratches, dust, water, fingerprints and minor impacts.

These fashionable camera protector rings are crafted from aerospace aluminum alloy and are decorated with bling diamonds which combine together to give off a beautiful and stunning display of multicolor personal style!

Designed to be a perfect fit for your iPhone 12 Pro Max camera lens and it’s so close to the thickness of the original camera lens that you will barely notice it, except for the dazzle and sparkle!

The super strong adhesive will ensure that each camera lens protector is firmly and securely attached to give your phone’s camera lenses long lasting protection and personal style that will be the envy of all your friends!

So order your set of Optodir Tech iPhone 12 Pro Max Compatible Camera Lens Protectors today!

Premium Lens Protector:

Made from an aerospace aluminum alloy, our camera lens cover for iPhone 12 Pro Max is designed to completely cover the entire lens including the edge.

This coverage provides you with full protection from scratches, dust, water and it lasts longer than plastic lens covers.

Textured Bling Design:

The luxuriously addition of bling diamonds in a circle around the lens cover create the most stylish iPhone 12 Pro Max accessories to perfectly dress up your phone or accent any phone case.

The diamonds and the metal ring refract the light for a beautiful and colorful shine!

HD Clear Optics:

Using 99% light transmission glass for the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera lens cover lets us maintain that crystal-clear transparency for the excellent image performance that the iPhone 12 Pro Max is so well known for.

It also ensures that there will be no residue, fog or blue light interference when using flash.

Scratch Resistance:

Super tough 9H Hardness glass is a great camera protector for your iPhone 12 Pro Max, it provides everyday protection from scratches, bumps and minor drops.

The Optodir Tech camera lens cover is easy to install with no risk to create air bubbles. It protects your camera effectively against oil and sweat from fingerprints, keeping your phone camera like new over time.

These lens covers will keep your camera lenses clean at all times with a hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating that protects against fingerprints, sweat and oil residue.

Easy to Install your iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera Lens Protector:

Your purchase will include:

  • 3 lens protector rings
  • 1 cleaning cloth
  • 1 alcohol wipe
  • 1 set of stickers


  • Use the cleaning wipe and cloth to initially clean off the lenses
  • Use the stickers to remove residual dust
  • Peel the backing away from the lens cover and fit them over the camera lens
  • The adhesive inside will secure the protector ring
  • Wipe it clean again and you’re done.


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