MAGID Safety Glasses Y50BKAFA Iconic Y50 Design Series Safety Glasses with Side Shields | ANSI Z87+ Performance, Scratch & Fog…


Magid Safety Glasses

Color: Amber Lens  |  Size:1 Pair

Color:+1.5 BiFocal Lens  |  Size:1 Pair Impact resistant, UV resistant, and anti-fog means you can stay safe while getting the job done. Available with different focal strengths for unbeatable visual focus, these innovative safety glasses are an economical solution to equipping your crew with the protection and convenience they need.

Magid Glove & Safety is America’s leading manufacturer, importer, and distributor of work gloves and personal protective equipment (PPE), including first aid products and protective and disposable clothing. In today’s rapidly changing work environment, product demands continue to evolve, requiring safety manufacturers to grow with the challenge. MAGID stays ahead of the curve by anticipating market needs and developing innovative products. Our dedication to this and our strong work ethic are reasons why customers choose MAGID as their PPE partner.

Eye protection is critical in work environments that expose workers to lasers, flames, sparks and other hazardous particles that could negatively affect eyesight. Thousands of people are blinded each year from work-related eye injuries. Luckily, the vast majority of these injuries can be avoided by using the proper safety eyewear. Protect your workers from particles or objects striking or abrading their eyes with a wide selection of comfortable safety glasses from Magid Glove & Safety. Too many people fail to wear the proper protective eyewear because it can often become more of a distraction, slipping off their nose due to poor grips and incorrect sizes. At Magid Glove & Safety, we are committed to providing OSHA approved work site safety glasses that are lightweight, comfortable and sporty, keeping your eyes protected without the uncomfortable distraction. From anti-fog safety glasses to welding safety glasses, our products protect your eyes from the sun, sparks and impacts so that you can get the job done safely and effectively.

Our safety glasses provide UV protection and are compliant with ANSI standards, available in a variety of sizes for the perfect fit. Choose from various MAGID eye protection styles and options, including: Anti-fog coatings for clear precision and accuracy Hard-coated for scratch resistance  Wraparound frames with bendable temples increase comfort Padded brow guards for better fit Fit over prescription glasses Vented side shields increase visibility Compliance with ANSI High Impact Standards MAGID provides bulk safety glasses designed for every specific duty or hazard. We also offer safety goggles, side shields, lens cleaning supplies, replacement lenses and eyewear accessories for all of your eye protection needs.

Whether you work in electrical maintenance, welding, construction or an industrial setting, keeping your eyes protected is crucial to staying safe while increasing performance. Set your sights on MAGID eye protection for optimum performance and savings.

Amber lens tints are helpful in low-light conditions making an environment appear brighter – enhancing contrast and depth perception. Ideal for overcast, hazy and foggy conditions.
Suitable for indoor/outdoor use; useful for extended screen time, lab work, manufacturing, and other applications such as night driving and range shooting.
Durable, yet lightweight black frame provides a comfortable fit; Sleek, retro appearance; Designed for women and men
Scratch-resistant, hard-coated lenses offer long-lasting protection

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