NASA Official Men/Women Logo Astronaut Space Socks

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★  NASA Astronaut Socks  ★

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” – It starts with a snazzy pair of socks.

While we can’t say these socks will take your to outer space, they sure will keep you on your feet.

◆ We at CityDreamShop are a premier manufacturer of all things NASA. 

◆ Officially licensed, these socks feature both the retro and newer NASA emblem, on an iconic space walk image.

100% Cotton
★ NASA Astronaut Socks
★ 3…2…1…blast off…into these amazing pair of NASA space socks!
★  High Quality socks are designed in New York and made with 100% Cotton Blend.
★  Great for space, NASA and snazzy sock lovers.
★  The perfect gift! (make sure to snag a pair for yourself as well)!

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