Nashika real home planetarium ASTROTHEATER Black NA-300 BLACK (japan import) by Home Star – High Quality

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Nashika Real Home Planetarium Astrotheater

Please enjoy to the full extent, will deliver an authentic small planetarium pursuit of clarity and optical equipment manufacturer, a space that is clearly reproduced by the high resolution. In order to feel free at home, enjoy the full-fledged celestial panorama, NA-300 is a small planetarium that pursues clarity and ease of use. In order to stick to the functionality and crisp, projects a starry sky of the northern hemisphere, the constellation of 9,000, earth illustrations of the constellations, 35 Milky Way, three projection film and accompanying projection lens six the sun, three months. Distance to the ceiling or side project from the body can be up to 50cm ~ 250cm.

You can set the constellation of favorite time of day, 365 days a year from 19:00 until 3:00 the next morning for a year. You can project the constellations of their birthday 365 days and Can be projected on a ceiling or wall, circular range is 60 ~ 300cm, projection distance in color space wider universe of 50 ~ 250cm. Projection angle and focus adjustment can be 0-90 degrees.

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