Noga MG61003 Heavy Duty Dial Gage Magnetic Base w/Metal Fine Adjust

Category: Price:  $117.89 (as of 12/27/2020 20:49 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.


The articulated arm of the Noga magnetic base is capable of reaching every possible position – even upside down. It is an auxiliary tool for any general measurement and helps to increase precision and working efficiency. Noga magnetic bases are capable of a 360° rotation and offer considerable versatility. Avoid work stoppage by increasing precision and measuring efficiency with this handy dial holder. Its strong magnetic base and superior holding power clings firmly, supporting the gage for more accurate measurements. Capable of 360° rotation for maximum versatility, the articulated arm reaches every possible position, even upside down. Adjustable settings on top and a universal swivel clamp make this gage holder incredibly useful for many fine operations. It also functions as an auxiliary tool for general measurements. Powerful auto on/off magnetic base supports up to 176 lbs.


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