Optical Shop Testing

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“This book is a major text in the field, and a must-read for academicians and engineers alike.” (Computing Reviews, May 1, 2008)

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This updated Third Edition of the classic textbook is an essential reference for specialists and nonspecialists in the field of optical testing

Since the publication of the Second Edition of this book, many advances have taken place in the field of optical testing. Taking into account the changes in telecommunications, including the various forms of digital networks and their testing aspects, this Third Edition compiles the vast amount of research being conducted in optical engineering into one easily accessible source.

Optical Shop Testing, Third Edition brings together descriptions of all tests carried out in the optical shop that are applicable to optical components and systems. In addition to new chapters and modified material, this revised edition also includes information on:

  • Testing of aspheric wavefronts, compensators, and null configurations

  • Zernike polynomial and wavefront fitting

  • Optical metrology of diffuse objects

  • Angle, prism, curvature, and focal length measurements

  • Mathematical representation of an optical surface and its characteristics

Intended for anyone engaged in optical shop testing, this essential textbook also includes a CD-ROM with an exhaustive list of resources and two programs for Windows®, which will be useful when teaching or working in optical testing.

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The purpose of this third edition is to bring together in a single book descriptions of all tests carried out in the optical shop that are applicable to optical components and systems. This book is intended for the specialist as well as the non-specialist engaged in optical shop testing. There is currently a great deal of research being done in optical engineering. Making this new edition very timely.

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