REOLINK 4K 12-Channel Wireless Security Camera System, 4pcs

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Price: $709.98 - $599.99
(as of Nov 19,2023 06:06:31 UTC – Details)


Secure your home or business with the REOLINK 4K 12-Channel Wireless Security Camera System. This state-of-the-art system includes 4 wireless cameras, offering crystal-clear 4K Ultra HD video quality. Thanks to the advanced WiFi 6 technology, you receive superior wireless performance, allowing you to monitor your property from anywhere in the world.

The REOLINK security system operates on a dual-band WiFi network, ensuring uninterrupted streaming and recording, even in high-traffic network environments. With 12 channels available, you can add up to 8 additional cameras to your system for comprehensive coverage.

The cameras are equipped with advanced motion detection features. When motion is detected, you will receive real-time alerts on your smartphone or computer. The system also supports continuous recording, so you never miss a moment.

The REOLINK 4K wireless security system is easy to install without the need for professional help. With its IP66 waterproof rating, the cameras are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, offering year-round protection for your property.

Keep an eye on your property with REOLINK 4K 12-Channel Wireless Security Camera System. With its high-resolution video, advanced WiFi technology, and expandable channels, it’s the perfect solution for your security needs. Secure your peace of mind today with REOLINK.

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