Smithsonian Science Activities, Newtons Cradle Gray

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Newton’s Cradle is a popular mechanical desktop toy or executive toy named after Sir Isaac Newton. It consists of a series of metal balls suspended from strings in such a way that when one ball is lifted and released, it strikes the stationary ball on the other end and causes that ball to lift and release. The process is repeated, with the energy of the lifted ball being transferred through the other balls and ultimately coming to rest in the ball on the opposite end. The toy is used to demonstrate the principles of conservation of momentum and energy, as well as the phenomenon of elastic and inelastic collisions. The Smithsonian’s version of the Newton’s Cradle is likely a high-quality reproduction of this classic educational tool, bearing the Smithsonian name and logo.

Includes Newton’s Cradle and Color Poster with Instructions

  • Demonstate Conservation of Linear Momentum
  • Swing One Ball, or Two and observe Equal Reaction on the other end
  • Named after Sir Isaac Newton and his Third Law Of Motion
  • Includes 23″ x 17″ ( 58 cm x 43 cm) Color Poster
  • Age 8 and Up


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