Spectrophotometer 4 LDC 721 Digital Lab Visible Wavelength Range 350-1020nm Wave Tungsten Lamp Equipment 110V Photometer…


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Product specifications:
Optical system: achromatic Czerny-Turner (1200L / mm grating)
Wavelength range: 350-1020 nm
Wavelength accuracy: ±2nm
Spectral bandwidth: 6nm
Wavelength repeatability: ≤1nm
Stray light: ≤0.1%T @ 360nm
Photometric accuracy: 0.5% T
Photometric repeatability: 0.2% T
Drift: ≤0.2%T
Noise: ≤0.3%T
Stability: ±0.004A / h@500nm
Working mode: T, A, C
Zero mode: automatic
Wavelength drive mode: manual wavelength
Print interface: optional RS232 (not included)
Energy (light source): tungsten lamp
Weight: 10 kg
The package includes:
1 x visible spectrophotometer
1 x power cord
1 x glass cuvette
1 x instruction
1. The instrument should be placed in a dry room. When used, it should be placed on a firm and stable workbench. The indoor lighting should not be too strong. In the hot weather, you can not use the fan to blow directly to the instrument to prevent the bulb filament from becoming bright and unstable.
2. Before using the instrument, the user should first understand the structure and working principle of the instrument, as well as the functions of each control knob. Before the power is turned on, the safety performance of the instrument should be checked. The power supply wiring should be firm and the power supply should be good. The starting position of each adjustment knob should be correct, and then press the power switch.
3. When the instrument has not been powered on, the meter pointer must be on the “O” engraving line. If this is not the case, you can adjust it with the calibration screw on the meter.

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★ The product is an economical analytical instrument with RS232 (not included) interface output. Digital display measurement value
★ Automatic light door, automatic zero adjustment and 100 instrument calibration, Excellent metering accuracy is higher than that of the same instrument
★ Use original imported tungsten lamp to ensure the service life of the instrument
★ Large sample room, can hold up to 10cm cuvette, It is widely used in medical testing, food, petrochemical industry, environmental protection and monitoring
★ Optional output port RS232, which can connect printer and connect computer function

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