Starboosa Eyepiece Set Eyepiece for Telescope 62 °Wide Angle



Price: $37.59
(as of Oct 15,2023 17:22:20 UTC – Details)


Experience an enhanced stargazing experience with the Starboosa Eyepiece Set. Designed for telescopes, this set provides an impressive 62° wide-angle view, transforming your observation experience with a broader perspective of the heavens. The eyepiece set comes highly recommended for those seeking wide-angle eyepieces, offering a wider field of view for a more immersive experience.

The Starboosa Eyepiece Set is designed with the user’s comfort and convenience in mind. Each eyepiece is fitted with a soft eyecup, making it easier and more comfortable for your eye to rest against the edge of the eyepiece when you’re close to it. This thoughtful addition ensures you won’t miss a moment of your celestial exploration.

This set features three eyepieces with varying focal lengths – 4mm, 10mm, and 23mm. This allows you to freely observe objects at different distances, adding versatility to your astronomical observations. The eyepiece set’s upgraded aspheric design ensures excellent imaging effect and reduces chromatic aberration, ensuring you get clear, crisp views every time.

In conclusion, the Starboosa Eyepiece Set for Telescopes is an exceptional tool for every astronomy enthusiast. Its wide-angle view, comfortable design, and variety of focal lengths make it a valuable addition to any telescope setup. Experience the universe like never before with this high-quality eyepiece set.


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