SVBONY SV171 Telescope Eyepiece, Zoom Eyepiece, 1.25 inch

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Price: $115.97 - $75.99
(as of Nov 29,2023 19:33:32 UTC – Details)


Explore the night sky with enhanced clarity and precision using the SVBONY SV171 Telescope Eyepiece. This premium zoom eyepiece, measuring 1.25 inches, is a must-have for stargazers and astronomy enthusiasts.

Designed with an observation discovery and exploration concept in mind, the SVBONY SV171 features a high-quality FMC glass lens. This fully multi-coated glasses deliver exceptional image contrast and light transmission, ensuring sharp and optimal performance. The low chromatic aberration further enhances the viewing experience, offering a clear, crisp view of celestial bodies.

One of the standout features of this telescope eyepiece is its comfortable long eye relief design. The remarkably long eye relief range of 18mm-19.5mm allows eyeglass wearers to enjoy the entire field of view without the hassle of removing their glasses. This thoughtful feature makes the SVBONY SV171 a convenient choice for all users.

The SVBONY SV171 Telescope Eyepiece also boasts a unique humanized design. Its sleek black barrel is fitted with a safety undercut to reduce the possibility of the eyepiece slipping out, ensuring a secure and worry-free handling.

Whether you’re a seasoned astronomer or a beginner, the SVBONY SV171 Telescope Eyepiece is a reliable addition to your astronomy equipment. This superior quality eyepiece guarantees a rewarding sky-watching experience, transforming your celestial exploration into a journey of stunning visual discovery.

Experience the universe in a whole new light with the SVBONY SV171 Telescope Eyepiece. This product’s unique features and exceptional performance make it a top pick for astronomers and stargazers around the world.


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