SVBONY SV305 Pro Telescope Camera, 2MP USB3.0 Astronomy

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Price: $267.97 - $199.99
(as of Nov 16,2023 05:21:15 UTC – Details)


Capture the wonders of the universe with the SVBONY SV305 Pro Telescope Camera, a must-have tool for any astronomy enthusiast. This exceptional 2MP USB3.0 camera offers advanced features for exploration, observation, and discovery of celestial bodies.

Designed with a 1ms to 30min long exposure, the SVBONY SV305 Pro is perfect for detailed planetary imaging, lunar imaging, and capturing stunning images of bright deep space objects. Whether you’re a seasoned stargazer or a budding astronomer, this camera is bound to open up a whole new world of cosmic exploration.

The SVBONY SV305 Pro stands out for its back-illuminated CMOS Sensor, the exceptionally sensitive IMX290. This advanced sensor boasts a very high QE and an impressively low 0.7e- read noise. It enhances sensitivity in both visible-light and near-infrared light regions, making it highly suitable for industrial applications.

Another standout feature of this camera is its 128MB DDR Buffer. This buffer enhances the camera’s performance by preventing frame dropping and ensuring smoother and faster data transfer.

In short, the SVBONY SV305 Pro Telescope Camera combines innovative technology with user-friendly design to provide an unparalleled stargazing experience. Explore the cosmos like never before, capturing high-quality images that reveal the awe-inspiring beauty of outer space.

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