SVBONY SV48P Telescope 90mm, Bundle with SV165 Mini Guide

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Explore the wonders of the cosmos with the high-quality SVBONY SV48P Telescope, now available in an exciting bundle that includes the SV165 Mini Guide. This high-quality bundle is perfect for astronomers and photographers alike, offering a complete solution for deep sky photography.

The SV48P Telescope boasts a 90mm aperture, providing clear and bright images of celestial objects. Its unique double speed focuser, with a gear ratio of 1:10, ensures smooth operation and precise adjustability. This telescope is further enhanced with a 2-inch rotatable double speed focuser, delivering an ease of use that is perfect for any budding stargazer or seasoned astronomer.

Included in this bundle is the SV165 Mini Guide Scope, a vital tool for any serious stargazer. With a 45mm back focus distance, it allows for easy and precise focus adjustments. Its f4 aperture optics provide a very wide field of view, ensuring you find your target quickly and efficiently.

But the package doesn’t stop there! You’ll also receive the SV305 Pro Telescope Camera, allowing you to take stunning photographs of your celestial findings. To prevent dew from clouding your lens and obscuring your view, the bundle includes the SV172 Dew Heater Strip.

The SVBONY SV48P Telescope 90mm, Bundle with SV165 Mini Guide is an all-in-one kit for deep sky photography. Whether you’re a seasoned astronomer or a beginner looking to explore the universe, this bundle offers everything you need to get started. Uncover the mysteries of the cosmos and capture breathtaking images with this high-quality, easy-to-use kit.


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