SVBONY SV605CC Cooled Camera, 9MP CMOS Color Telescope

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Price: $735.99
(as of Nov 17,2023 05:37:38 UTC – Details)


Discover the night sky like never before with the SVBONY SV605CC Cooled Camera, a 9MP CMOS Color Telescope that is perfect for observation, discovery, and exploration. This advanced color telescope is designed with an IMX533 color 1-inch chip and a square frame, delivering an impressive 3008×3008 resolution. The quantum efficiency of the SV605CC has reached a remarkable 80%, significantly improving your astronomical shooting efficiency.

The SVBONY SV605CC Cooled Camera is also equipped to minimize the glow of CMOS, which can affect the signal-to-noise ratio in the glow affected area, resulting in residual glow or reduced signal-to-noise ratio. The IMX533 in this telescope achieves no glow, ensuring a better shooting effect.

Whether you’re using a short focus mirror or a fast mirror system, the SV605CC Cooled Camera ensures you get the best view, even if the target is small. Its intricate design and advanced features make it the perfect tool for astronomers, researchers, and hobbyists alike.

Capture the beauty of the cosmos with the SVBONY SV605CC Cooled Camera, the 9MP CMOS Color Telescope that takes your stargazing experience to a whole new level. Get yours today and start exploring the universe in stunning detail.

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