US SOLID Liquid Nitrogen Dewar 10L Cryogenic Container Liquid Nitrogen LN2 Tank Dewar with Straps 6 Canisters Price: $259.99 (as of 12/27/2020 20:42 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.



US SOLID Liquid Nitrogen Dewar

The U.S. Solid 10L Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Dewars Tank is perfect to store your LN2. Using Dewar technology, this tank has a vacuum layer between two interior walls constructed with aerospace grade aluminum. It comes with 6 canisters fixed to straws and an insulated padded cover with straps which helps reduce LN2 loss and makes carrying hassle-free. This Dewar is portable, durable, and lightweight; Approx. weight: 14.5 lbs. empty (about 34.1 lbs. full). Holding time of LN2 for this tank is 60 days.


The U.S. Solid Cryogenic Container Liquid Nitrogen Tank Dewar can hold up to 10 Liters of liquid nitrogen

US SOLID Liquid Nitrogen DEWAR:

Dewars are designed for the sole purpose of holding extremely cold liquids such as liquid nitrogen; They have the shape, capacity, and material construction to store liquid nitrogen with a slower evaporation rate

Evaporation rate:

We test the evaporation rate of our liquid nitrogen tanks by completely filling them with liquid nitrogen and tracking the rate of evaporation


Each of the liquid nitrogen tanks come with six canisters; Five canisters come with holes at the bottom to store biological specimen and one sealed canister for dipping


  • U.S. Solid Model USS-LNT00003
  • Volume: 10 L
  • Neck Diameter: 1.97″ (50 mm)
  • Vessel Diameter: 11.97″ (304 mm)
  • Vessel Height: 21.65″ (550 mm)
  • Empty Weight: 5.80 KG
  • Static holding time: 85 days
  • Evaporation: 0.12 L/day
  • Number of canisters for storage of samples: 6
  • Depth of canisters: 4.33″ (110 mm)
  • Diameter of canister: 1.38″ (35 mm)

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