2X – 1.25″ – X-Cel LX Barlow Lens

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Price: $119.95 - $99.99
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Capture the universe in detail with the 1.25″ – X-Cel LX Barlow Lens, a powerful addition to your telescope setup. This x-cel 2x Barlow lens, when inserted between the eyepiece and telescope, effortlessly doubles the magnification of all your 1.25″ eyepieces. The lens is designed with premium apochromatic optics, delivering high contrast and sharp images that are virtually free of false color.

The 1.25″ – X-Cel LX Barlow Lens is a perfect match for your Celestron x-cel LX line with its black anodized housing and vibrant orange highlights. Its sleek and sturdy design not only enhances the aesthetic of your setup but also ensures the durability of the lens.

What sets this lens apart is its user-friendly features. The centralized rubber grip is designed to keep your hands securely on the barrel, even in colder climates or when you’re wearing gloves. This thoughtful design feature eliminates the risk of accidental slips, making your stargazing experience more comfortable and worry-free.

Moreover, the lens comes with a brass compression ring that ensures a firm, non-scratch connection with your eyepieces. This quality addition maximizes the longevity of your eyepieces and ensures that you can switch your eyepieces with confidence.

Bring the cosmos closer to home with the 1.25″ – X-Cel LX Barlow Lens. Its superior optics and user-friendly design make it an indispensable tool for every astronomy enthusiast. Get ready to take your stargazing experience to the next level. This lens will undoubtedly expand your universe!


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