INSIZE ISP-A5000E Profile Projector, 12″ Diameter with Edge Detector Price: $24,940.57 (as of 12/27/2020 20:46 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.


Profile projector, 12 inch diameter, with edge detector.

A profile projector is an optical measuring instrument used to inspect the shape and dimensions of objects. It projects a magnified image of an object’s profile onto a screen and allows for precise measurement of the object’s features. Profile projectors are commonly used in quality control, manufacturing, and engineering to inspect parts, tools, and other objects for accuracy and consistency.

The profile projector works by shining a light on the object and capturing the shadow that is cast. The shadow is then projected onto a screen, where it is magnified and measured. The instrument may also include a digital readout system, which allows for the measurement of the projected image in real-time.

Profile projectors can be used to inspect objects of various shapes and sizes, and they are particularly useful for inspecting objects with complex or irregular shapes that are difficult to measure using traditional methods. They are also useful for measuring features that are difficult to access or observe directly.


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