Sega Homestar Flux – Satin Black Magical Home Planetarium Star Projector – 60,000 stars

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Sega Homestar Flux

Finally something is happening in our living room since the big bang!

The Homestar Flux Planetarium is the only planetarium that can project a realistic sky onto your ceiling or wall. With 60,000 stars and 26,000 ancient constellations in crystal clear high-definition images, you’ll feel as though you are in outer space. Rotational function enables observation of the night sky as seen from different latitudes around the world. Put on a CD or DVD with night-sky music and experience the Homestar projector to its fullest.

FLUX is our most powerful and most advanced star projector available to date. Space travel has become obsolete since you can now simply bring 60,000 stars to your room by pushing a single button.

Sega Homestar Flux Features

• Advanced optics multilevel glass lenses project brilliant
• Custom 5 watt warm white LEDs enhance view
Silent relaxing disc rotation
USB cable enabling wall plug or wall plug free power bank operation
• Perfectly smooth focus dial
Advanced shooting star
Beautiful packaging (gifting & storage)
30+ star discs & all new scenic discs available for purchase
Satin black finish with indicated lunar crater

Imagine watching the stars while sitting comfortably on the couch or lying in bed. With the Homestar Flux Planetarium, this dream becomes reality in its best possible way. Glass lenses project an amazingly accurate sky with 60,000 high-definition stars onto the ceiling or wall. Rotational movement is possible allowing you to observe the night sky as it is visible to us. With the “shooting star” function you can even dream beyond! Projection angle and focus are adjustable and a convenient timer is used to automatically turn it off.

The Sega Homestar Flux Planetarium is a beautiful, holistic learning experience that enhances children’s awareness of the Universe, stars, and galaxies. The real night sky is projected in all its brilliant glory onto the ceiling or wall of your home! Whether you wish to lie in bed and enjoy this cosmic sight, or project it on your wall and sit comfortably on your couch, the Sega Homestar Flux Planetarium is ideal for stargazing any time over the course of a whole year.

You don’t have to be an astronaut to enjoy the wonders of space; just take a look at Sega Homestar Flux. It will stimulate your senses with 29 embedded shooting stars and 60,000 shooting stars projected through 360° of rotation. This star projector is equipped with our proprietary “Flux Capacitor” technology, which provides a super bright display by rapidly cycling through various colors. It can run for up to 7 continuous hours on its full charge and includes a variable speed timer allowing you to choose how long the star show will last.

More than 30 optional star discs and all new scenic disc motives available for purchase.

Sega Homestar Flux Details

  • Project onto high and low ceilings or walls (4’7″ to 8’10”)
  • Includes: Sega Homestar Flux Planetarium Star Projector, two star discs (northern hemisphere with and without constellations), USB cable & wall plug, manual English German Chinese, sky map of northern and southern hemisphere, stylish box for gifting & storage
  • Packaging including projector: 7.5′ x 7.5′ x 9′, 3 lb 11 oz
  • Project 60,000 twinkling high definition stars onto your rooms ceiling or wall
  • New October 2018: FLUX is our most powerful and most advanced model available to date
  • Leading brand with 5-watt warm white LED technology
  • Advanced multilevel glass lenses for brilliant projection
  • Quiet disc rotation, USB cable, 2 discs included and more than 30 optional star discs and all new scenic disc motives available for purchase

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  1. Janette

    Perfect in my children bedroom!

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