Solar Filter 5” (ST500G) Glass Solar Filter Fits:

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Get a closer look at the sun’s surface with our Solar Filter 5” (ST500G) Glass Solar Filter, perfect for your telescope. This high-quality solar filter fits telescopes with a 5” aperture, allowing you to safely observe the sun’s detail in stunning clarity without harming your eyes.

The Solar Filter 5” (ST500G) is designed to fit over the sky end of your optical tube, blocking out the harmful solar radiation and only allowing a safe amount of sunlight to pass through. This feature lets you view sunspots, solar flares, and planetary transits in great detail.

Before purchasing, ensure you have the correct measurements for your telescope. Use a caliper, ruler, or tape measure to measure the widest distance of the telescope end, starting from the exterior of the casing, across the center, and to the other side of the casing. After you have your measurements, order a size larger than what you measured to ensure a secure fit.

This solar filter is built with high-quality glass, ensuring a clear, crisp, and high-contrast view of the sun’s surface. It’s easy to fit and remove, making it an invaluable tool for any aspiring or professional astronomer.

Whether you’re preparing for a solar eclipse or just curious about the sun’s surface, our Solar Filter 5” (ST500G) Glass Solar Filter is an essential tool for safe and detailed solar observation. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the sun’s mysteries safely and in high resolution.

Remember, when it comes to viewing the sun, safety is paramount. And with the Solar Filter 5” (ST500G) Glass Solar Filter, you can enjoy the beauty of the sun without compromising your safety. Order yours today.


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