SOLOMARK 1.25″ Telescope Phone Adapter with Built-in 1.5X



Price: $25.99
(as of Dec 07,2023 20:17:34 UTC – Details)


Discover the world of astronomy in a more immersive and interactive way with the SOLOMARK 1.25″ Telescope Phone Adapter with Built-in 1.5X. This innovative device transforms your smartphone into a powerful tool for stargazing and celestial exploration. It is specifically designed for 1.25″ eyepiece telescopes, ensuring optimal compatibility and performance.

The SOLOMARK telescope phone adapter is equipped with a built-in 1.5x Barlow lens, allowing you to capture stunningly clear images of the night sky. This is perfect for amateur astronomers, stargazers, and anyone who has the curiosity to explore the universe from the comfort of their backyard.

Safety is a top priority with SOLOMARK. This telescope phone adapter offers a secure grip on your mobile device, preventing unexpected falls and ensuring the safety of your phone. It employs a unique method of fastening, ensuring your device is securely fixed onto the telescope.

One of the key features of the SOLOMARK 1.25″ Telescope Phone Adapter is its universal compatibility. With a super large width range of 58-92mm, it fits almost all mobile phone brands. This means you can use it with your current phone, and any future upgrades won’t require a new adapter!

Built for durability, the SOLOMARK adapter features a full metal housing, providing robust protection and longevity. Furthermore, the phone clamp is made from high-strength PA plastic, ensuring a reliable hold on your device.

In conclusion, the SOLOMARK 1.25″ Telescope Phone Adapter with Built-in 1.5X is an essential tool for anyone passionate about astronomy. It’s safe, durable, and universally compatible, making it the perfect accessory for your stargazing adventures. Get yours today and explore the cosmos like never before!


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