Starbase 80 Achromatic Telescope w-Tripod



Price: $550.00
(as of Oct 07,2023 16:39:59 UTC – Details)


Explore the vast cosmos with the Starbase 80 Achromatic Telescope w-Tripod by Takahashi. This is a first-class, entry-level telescope that has been designed and crafted in Japan. Brought to you by one of the most esteemed telescope manufacturers in the world, the Starbase 80 is a new generation telescope that signifies high quality and precision.

This 80mm f/10 achromatic doublet refractor is perfect for both beginner and intermediate astronomers. It provides clear, sharp, and high-contrast images, making your stargazing experience truly memorable. Its lens coating and final assembly are meticulously carried out by proficient craftsmen in Hanamaki, Japan. This ensures the telescope’s top-notch quality and durability.

One of the core features of the Starbase 80 Achromatic Telescope is its alt/azimuth mount and tripod. These accessories give you the stability needed to observe celestial bodies in detail. The telescope also comes with a star diagonal and two orthoscopic eyepieces with 6mm and 14mm, making it easier for you to adjust your view and get a closer look at heavenly bodies.

This high-performance telescope is perfect for observing the moon, planets, and even deep-sky objects. It is an excellent tool for learning more about our universe, making it a great gift for kids and adults alike.

Embrace your inner astronomer and get the Starbase 80 Achromatic Telescope w-Tripod. It’s not just a telescope – it’s your gateway to the universe.


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