Celestron – NexStar Evolution 8 WiFi Enabled Computerized



Price: $2,199.00
(as of Oct 07,2023 10:39:25 UTC – Details)


Discover the wonders of the universe from the comfort of your own backyard with the Celestron – NexStar Evolution 8 WiFi Enabled Computerized Telescope. This revolutionary telescope, boasting a 5-star overall rating from BBC Sky at Night Magazine, is an absolute must-have for any stargazer. Wired.com describes it as the “coolest app-cessory in the galaxy”, and it’s not hard to see why.

The NexStar Evolution is the first Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with integrated WiFi, allowing you to explore celestial bodies with just a tap of your smartphone or tablet. Forget about fumbled hand controls; with this cutting-edge telescope, you can steer your way through the cosmos using the Celestron mobile app, available for both iOS and Android. Simply connect your device to the NexStar Evolution’s built-in wireless network and you’re ready to embark on an astronomical adventure.

This robotic WiFi telescope combines cutting-edge technology with unparalleled convenience, making it an ideal gift for any budding astronomer or seasoned skywatcher. It’s not just a telescope, it’s your personal gateway to the stars. With the NexStar Evolution 8 WiFi Enabled Computerized Telescope, you’re not just observing the universe, you’re interacting with it in a whole new way.

Whether you’re a novice star-gazer or a professional astronomer, the Celestron – NexStar Evolution 8 WiFi Enabled Computerized Telescope will transform the way you view the night sky. Invest in this state-of-the-art piece of equipment and make every night a star-studded experience.


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