TEN-HIGH Linear Rail CNC Parts Linear Rail HSR15 200mm Approx. 7.87inch Linear Guideway Rail+2pcs HSR15CR Square Type…

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Size:200mm  |  Style:HSR15

Shaft diameter: 15mm
This item include:
1pcs HSR15-L200mm Linear Guide Slide Rail Way, 15mm width, 200mm length
2pcs HSR15CR Squre type Bearing Block
Please Note:

Elevate your machining projects with TEN-HIGH Linear Rail CNC Parts, featuring the robust HSR15 200mm linear guideway rail and two HSR15CR square type carriages. This set is precision-engineered to cater to the demanding needs of CNC automation and other linear motion applications that require a high degree of accuracy and reliability.

The pack includes two durable HSR15 guideway rails, each measuring approximately 7.87 inches (200mm), making them suitable for a variety of CNC projects and mechanical applications. These rails are designed for stability, reducing operational vibration and maintaining precise control over carriage positioning.

Complementing the rails, the two HSR15CR square type carriages included are constructed to facilitate smooth, low-friction movement along the rails. This interaction ensures an optimized performance, reducing wear and tear and thereby extending the life span of the entire system.

The integration of these components allows for an exceptional level of precision in machine operation, particularly valuable in industries where even the slightest inaccuracies can compromise the quality of output, such as digital manufacturing, high-precision crafting, or specialized mechanical tasks.

With TEN-HIGH’s reputation for quality, this linear rail set promises not only enhanced performance but also the durability and reliability necessary for rigorous continuous operation. It stands as an essential upgrade for professionals and enthusiasts seeking to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and consistency of their work, ensuring a seamless and precise production process.

Steel 45# Material and Hardened Case
Pre-drilled holes on the Support Rail Mounts
Designed and Produced by Joomen LLC
High Accuracy and Strong Durability
Accept Customized Length and Assembly


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