TEN-HIGH Linear Rail CNC Parts 2pcs Linear Rail HSR15 200mm Approx. 7.87inch Linear Guideway Rail+4pcs HSR15CA Square…

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Size:200mm  |  Style:HSR15

Shaft diameter: 15mm
This item include:
2pcs HSR15-L200mm Linear Guide Slide Rail Way, 15mm width, 200mm length
4pcs HSR15CA Squre type Bearing Block
Please Note:

Experience unmatched precision and improve the performance of your CNC applications with the TEN-HIGH Linear Rail CNC Parts. This set, featuring two meticulously crafted HSR15 200mm linear guideway rails and four HSR15CA square type carriages, is engineered for top-tier quality and accuracy.

Each component within this kit is manufactured to ensure a high level of precision, catering to complex and demanding automation tasks. The rails and carriages boast robust construction, providing a balance of strength and smooth motion that is essential for maintaining the integrity of precise movements in CNC operations and other linear motion applications.

The 200mm length, or approximately 7.87 inches, of the guideway rails, offers versatility for various projects, ensuring broad compatibility with different types of machinery and equipment setups. Moreover, the HSR15CA square type carriages are designed to facilitate seamless movement, minimizing friction and wear, thereby extending the equipment’s operational life.

This combination of rails and carriages not only enhances the efficiency and accuracy of your machinery but also significantly reduces manual adjustment times, leading to increased productivity and reduced downtime. Ideal for professionals who prioritize accuracy and reliability in their machining projects, this TEN-HIGH product is synonymous with quality and endurance.

Whether you’re involved in high-precision crafting, digital manufacturing, or specialized mechanical engineering, the TEN-HIGH Linear Rail CNC set is an invaluable addition to your toolkit, ensuring that your equipment delivers consistent, high-accuracy performance project after project.

Steel 45# Material and Hardened Case
Pre-drilled holes on the Support Rail Mounts
Designed and Produced by Joomen LLC
High Accuracy and Strong Durability
Accept Customized Length and Assembly


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