Beckman Coulter Life Sciences MET ONE HHPC 3+ Handheld with Case – 2089310-08


The MET ONE HHPC+ Series Handheld Particle Counters are lightweight, comfortable, and allow single-handed operation within mini-environments and workstations. Particle-Counting Data Goes to PC via Ethernet or USB Memory Stick No Device Drivers or Software Required User-Selectable Size Channels Easy-to-Read Display Alpha-Numeric Location Names & Alarms for User-Selected Particle Channels & LimitsThe MET ONE HHPC 3+ (0.3 micrometers) is a lower-cost, three-channel instrument designed for contamination-sensitive industrial environments Communication features include access to particle-counting data directly to PC via Ethernet or USB memory stick. No device drivers or software are required. Display configuration features include user-selectable size channels with optimized, large font. Display data modes feature traditional tabular particle counts or trend graphs for easy particle profiling. Security features include optional administrator password control and alpha-numeric location names and alarms for user-selected particle channels and limits. The easy-to-read, high-resolution display is fully configurable with on-the-spot process profiling to pinpoint particle events. It’s ideal for cleanroom optical component assembly where routine monitoring is conducted at 0.5 micrometers and 5 micrometers per ISO 14644, but 0.3 micrometers sensitivity is needed for HEPA filtered-workstation spot checks. The MET ONE HHPC 6+ is a fully-featured, six-channel particle counter designed for a wide range of tasks in high-technology cleanroom manufacturing environments such as semiconductor or flat panel display manufacturing. The unique cradle provides convenient PC access to particle-counting data via Ethernet or USB cable while it ensures the HHPC 6+ is charged and ready for use at all times. The MET ONE HHPC 3+ (0.5 micrometers) is a three-channel, 0.5 micrometers particle counter that can be configured to monitor 1.0 and 5.0 micrometers, which is useful when classifying to I

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3 channels
0.5 Ohm
Designed for routine monitoring of controlled environments to ISO 14644 Cleanroom Classifications, and regulated/semi-regulated production environments that adhere to a GMP principle
Routine cleanroom monitoring: Easy-to-read high resolution display is fully configurable
Light-weight and comfortable for hard-to-reach HEPA filter leaks: 1.5 lbs. slim design allows single handed operation; perfect for effortless troubleshooting filter leaks in mini-environments and workstations

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