Fowler 52-229-780-0, Tool Set with Indicator, Magnetic Base, Dial Caliper & Micrometer


The Fowler 52-229-780 micrometer, caliper, and test indicator set includes three Vernier-scale outside micrometers with a combined measuring range of 0 to 3″, a white-face dial caliper with a 0 to 6″ measuring range, a white-face dial indicator with 1″ travel, a magnetic base with a V-shaped base and an 85-lb. pull, and a fitted case.

Three Vernier-scale outside micrometers have a 0 to 1″, 1 to 2″, and 2 to 3″ measuring range and a flat anvil/spindle pair for general purpose measuring. The Vernier scale has 0.0001″ microfine graduation intervals on a satin chrome finish for precise readings. The positive locking nut on the spindle locks measurements in place for accurate readings and the zero adjustment on the sleeve ensures accurate measurements. The anvil/spindle pair has a 0.256″ diameter hardened, precision-ground, and micro-lapped carbide measuring faces with 0.00003″ flatness and 0.0005″ parallelism to provide accurate measurements. Friction thimble applies constant force for repeatability between users. Friction-style thimbles are suitable for one-handed operation and stop turning when the spindle comes into contact with the workpiece, providing constant force for consistent measurements between operators. The heat-insulated frame helps reduce temperature-related expansion or contraction, providing accurate measurements, and protects the operator’s hands from heat.

The shockproof stainless steel dial caliper has a white face and dial graduations of 0.001″ with 0.001″ accuracy, and beam-engraved 0.1″ graduations, and is used for measuring inside dimensions (ID), outside dimensions (OD), depth, and step. The caliper measures 0.10″ per revolution of the dial. The caliper has shockproof anti-backlash control, a sliding jaw with a lock, and a covered rack. Shockproof anti-backlash control with a heavy-duty spring provides increased accuracy over standard gear configurations. Backlash is the amount of clearance between mated gear teeth in the caliper controls that prevents the gear teeth from jamming. A knurled lock screw holds the sliding jaw in position to help ensure a consistent measurement. A covered rack prevents dirt and debris from clogging the gear, and helps prevent measurement errors. A thumb-operated fine adjustment roller allows for one-handed use. The hardened stainless steel components, including the bar, measuring surfaces, rack, gears, and depth rod, offer corrosion resistance, increased accuracy, and long life. Self-contained movement eliminates gear misalignment, while the dual pinion drive mechanism reduces wear on the rack and pinion. An adjustable dial enables setting zero. The hardened stainless steel is polished to a satin chrome finish, to help prevent glare.

The American Gage Design (AGD) Group 2 dial indicator has a white 2-1/4″ dial face with continuous and balanced dial readings, a 1″ measuring range, 0.001″ graduations, a revolution counter, and tolerance markers, and is designed for taking measurements in machining, layout, and inspection work. The movement is mounted independently from the case on a rigid supporting plate to ensure perfect and permanent alignment. The dial has microfine black graduations for 0-100 continuous readings. A knurled bezel rotates 360 degrees to zero the reading at any location. Tolerance markers allow operators to quickly observe limits. The lug back can be rotated at 90-degree increments. A satin-chromed forged-brass case, hard brass gear wheels, and a hardened steel spindle rack provide long wear. The indicator is dustproof, waterproof, oil-proof, coolant-proof, and shockproof. The magnetic base has an 85-lb. pull and the ability to mount test indicators with a 1/4″ post. Fine adjustment knobs allow for making micro-adjustments. An on/off lever releases the magnet for ease of placement. The overall stand height is 9.5″. The base is 2 x 2-11/32 x 1-13/16 inches (H x W x D) and has a V-shape for mounting on round surfaces. (H is height, the vertical distance from lowest to highest point; W is width, the horizontal distance from left to right; D is depth, the horizontal distance from front to back.)

Micrometer display typeVernier scale
Micrometer measuring range0 to 3″
Micrometer graduation interval0.0001″
Caliper measuring range0 to 6″
Caliper graduation0.001″
Caliper accuracy0.001″
Caliper dial reading0.10″ per revolution
Dial indicator dial diameterAGD Group 2, 2-1/4″
Dial indicator dial reading0-100 continuous
Dial indicator range1″
Dial indicator resolution0.001″

Micrometers are precision measuring instruments that use a calibrated screw to measure distances. These measurements are translated into large rotations of the screw that are then able to be read from a scale or a dial. Micrometers are typically used in manufacturing, machining, and mechanical engineering. There are three types of micrometer: outside, inside, and depth. Outside micrometers may also be called micrometer calipers, and are used to measure the length, width, or outside diameter of an object. Inside micrometers are typically used to measure interior diameter, as in a hole. Depth micrometers measure the height, or depth, of any shape that has a step, groove, or slot.

Dial calipers are measuring instruments commonly used for inspection in manufacturing to provide the precise measurements of an object. A pair of jaws attached to a long beam with a marked scale is used to measure inside, outside, and step measurements in standard or metric units. An additional depth probe slides along the beam to take depth measurements. One jaw is fixed to the end of the scale, while the other jaw slides along it to take measurements. A circular dial indicator is fixed to the movable jaw on a toothed gear rack that transfers movement of the jaws to the dial needle. The base measurement is taken from the long beam, which provides the initial whole measurement in inches or centimeters, and added to the dial reading, which provides fractional measurements in inches or millimeters. A locking mechanism provides the ability to take differential measurements for determining the difference in measurements between two objects. Compared to digital calipers, dial calipers are more durable, but are more susceptible to shock damage and prone to getting dirt in the gears, which can cause accuracy problems. Vernier calipers are more durable than dial calipers because they do not have internal moving parts, but they can be more difficult to read. Dial calipers are commonly used in fields such as metalworking, mechanical engineering, machining, and carpentry.

Dial indicators are also called dial gauges, probe, and electronic indicators. These precision instruments measure small linear distances and object sizes. The dial magnifies the measurement so that it can be easily read by the human eye. Frequently used in manufacturing, laboratories, and other industrial or mechanical fields, dial indicators are used anywhere a small measurement must be found and recorded or transferred, such as checking the variation in tolerance of a workpiece. Standard dial indicators measure the displacement along the axis of the indicator. Dial test indicators are very similar to dial indicators, except that the axis of measurement is perpendicular to the axis of the indicator. Dial and dial test indicators can be analog, with a mechanical dial, or electronic, with a digital display. Some electronic models transfer the data electronically to a computer for recording and potential manipulation.

The Fred V. Fowler Company manufactures inspection and measurement instruments such as electronic indicators, calipers, bore gages, and digital scales. The company, founded in 1946, is headquartered in Newton, MA.

What’s in the Box?
  • Fowler 52-229-201 0 to 1″ outside inch micrometer
  • Fowler 52-229-202 1 to 2″ outside inch micrometer and standard
  • Fowler 52-229-203 2 to 3″ outside inch micrometer and standard
  • Fowler 52-008-706 white-face caliper
  • Fowler 52-520-110 dial indicator
  • Fowler 52-585-010 dial indicator magnetic base
  • Case

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