Qniuco Telescope, 80mm Aperture 800mm Telescopes for Adults

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Price: $139.99
(as of Oct 14,2023 17:15:38 UTC – Details)


Introducing the Qniuco Telescope – an 80mm Aperture 800mm telescope designed for both adults and young astronomers. This high-magnification scope offers a unique viewing experience with a magnification range from 32X to an impressive 240X. Equipped with two eyepieces (H20mm, H10mm) and a 3x Barlow lens, you can explore the night sky in extraordinary detail.

The Qniuco Telescope comes with a 5×24 finder scope featuring a mounting bracket and cross-hair lines, ensuring easy and accurate object locating. Whether you’re tracking celestial bodies or observing terrestrial objects, this telescope ensures a clear, high-resolution view of your subject.

One of the standout features of this telescope is its portability and convenience. The telescope comes with a carrying bag, allowing you to safely transport all your accessories. The adjustable tripod gives you flexibility in setting up the telescope in different locations and angles.

But that’s not all – the Qniuco Telescope is equipped with a phone adapter and wireless remote, making it easy to capture breathtaking images and videos of your astronomical observations. Now, sharing your stargazing experiences on social media or with friends is just a click away.

The Qniuco Telescope is more than just a telescope – it’s your ticket to the universe. Explore the cosmos like never before with this high-quality, portable, and easy-to-use telescope. It’s time to embark on your celestial journey with the Qniuco Telescope. Discover the unseen, explore the unknown, and delve into the depths of the cosmos – all from the comfort of your backyard.


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