Sky-Watcher EQ6-Ri Pro – Fully Computerized GoTo German

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Price: $1,940.00
(as of Oct 20,2023 11:45:49 UTC – Details)


Immerse yourself in the cosmic world with the Sky-Watcher EQ6-Ri Pro – Fully Computerized GoTo German Equatorial Mount. This high-quality mount is the industry’s most popular choice, featuring a Wi-Fi adapter and the user-friendly SynScan Pro app. The app, which is available for free on the Apple and Google Play stores, is designed to help even novice astronomers understand and utilize the EQ6-Ri’s extensive features in just a few observing sessions.

The Sky-Watcher EQ6-Ri Pro is not just an ordinary mount; it’s also an astrophotography powerhouse. It’s packed with features designed to facilitate and enhance the astrophotography experience. Its built-in ST-4 autoguider port transforms this mount into an exceptional device for astrophotographers, compatible with most setups.

This state-of-the-art computerized mount is perfect for capturing the beauty of the night sky. With the Sky-Watcher EQ6-Ri Pro, you can track celestial bodies with precision, ensuring your astrophotography images are as stunning as the cosmos themselves.

Enjoy the convenience of fully computerized GoTo capabilities, bringing the universe to your fingertips. With its robust construction and advanced features, the Sky-Watcher EQ6-Ri Pro is a must-have for any astronomy enthusiast or astrophotographer.

Incorporate the Sky-Watcher EQ6-Ri Pro into your astronomical adventures and experience the universe like never before. Let this mount guide your journey through the stars, making your celestial exploration smoother than ever. Discover the wonders of the cosmos with this astrophotography powerhouse.


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