SVBONY SV113 Telescope Eyepiece Lens 1.25 inches 20mm HD



Price: $26.99
(as of Oct 20,2023 17:47:50 UTC – Details)


Immerse yourself in the majestic expanse of the cosmos with the SVBONY SV113 Telescope Eyepiece Lens 1.25 inches 20mm HD. This high-definition, fully multi-coated wide-angle eyepiece is the perfect accessory for astronomical telescopes, providing an unparalleled viewing experience.

The SVBONY SV113 Telescope Eyepiece comes with a multitude of features designed to enhance your stargazing experience. Made from durable aluminium, the eyepiece barrel is internally blackened to eliminate light scattering, ensuring you get the clearest and brightest view of the heavens above. It’s also threaded, making it compatible with all 1.25″ SVBONY filters.

What sets this eyepiece apart is its fully coated lens elements. The outer lens is multi-coated for additional light transmission, offering sharp, high-contrast images of celestial bodies. Whether you’re gazing at the moon’s craters or distant galaxies, the SVBONY SV113 delivers exceptional clarity and detail.

With a comfortable design, this eyepiece boasts of a 20mm great eye relief, making it ideal for eyeglass wearers. You can view the entire field without removing your glasses, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience for all users.

The SVBONY SV113 Telescope Eyepiece Lens 1.25 inches 20mm HD is a must-have accessory for every astronomy enthusiast. Enhance your stargazing experience with this high-quality, wide-angle eyepiece. With its superior light transmission and excellent eye relief, the SVBONY SV113 lets you gaze at the stars in unparalleled detail and comfort.


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